Old House Screensaver 1.0

Old House Screensaver 1.0: Soothing harmony and beauty of nature, soothing us. nature, soothing us, when we are seriously troubled or we can not concentrate. If you can not escape from the bustle of civilization, relax, calm down, when you want it badly, then this screenshot just for you. You can anywhere, without going to feel all the calming beauty of an early morning nature untouched by man. It conveys the pure freshness of early morning, you are moving away from the people, where nature itself protects you dense fog from

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Nature1 Screensaver 1.0

This screensaver show a beautiful images of the Nature of Earth.You`ll see: mountains, nature power, landscapes, oceans, mighty falls and the another.

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Perfect Autumn Screensaver 1: Perfect autumn screensaver covers you with colors of beautiful autumn.
Perfect Autumn Screensaver 1

Perfect autumn nature screensaver covers you in colors of world`s most beautiful autumns. Brown, yellow, red and orange are the prevailing colors of the trees, bushes and landscapes preparing for winter and spoiling you with charms of true nature. We call it a balm for the eyes as it works extremely relaxing. It stimulates all those pleasant feelings related to nature and to autumn. It is a statement of your peaceful and mature character.

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Scenes of Nature 2.2.1: Relax as you watch calming scenes displayed on your computer.
Scenes of Nature 2.2.1

Take a short break as you escape to nature. Relax as you watch calming, professionally-photographed scenes displayed on your computer. The entire presentation runs on a 3-minute repeating loop. However, the speed can be adjusted up to an amazing 78 minute cycle. In addition, the registered version optionally lets you manually control the presentation, including pausing your favourite scene as long as you like.

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NFS Sunset01 1.1: A new free screensaver of nature, Sunset, on
NFS Sunset01 1.1

A new free screensaver of nature from a collection of free screensavers from The screensaver features nature at sunset. Three birds are flying above the water. The evening clouds are mirrored in the lake. offers free screensavers of nature, natural phenomena, screensavers showing time, and others. Free screensavers. No spyware, no adware, virus-free.

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Amazing Desert screensaver 1.0

Free screensaver with pictures of desert. Over 30 amazing nature photographs from around the world. The sounds of nature add to the realism of this picture perfect day. You can even save the images as wallpaper, if you like. The ability to change which images are displayed and to play music makes this a great tool that you will not get tired of using for a very long time. View outstanding quality images of Nature and let yourself relax.


Mountain Lake [AD] 5.07: Amazing Animated Wallpaper
Mountain Lake [AD] 5.07

nature theme, namely, to the mountains. Do you enjoy your desktop having beautiful wallpaper? Have a look at this lovely corner of nature! Everything here is so beautiful and harmonious; all the parts of this landscape are closely related and complement each other: mountains, lake, forest, animal world… and even a sailboat so gracefully sliding on the water surface seems to be created by the nature itself so that to complement even without that

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